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New Sound Devices Mixers

In 2019 Sound Devices introduced their new line of mixers. The Scorpio, the 833 and later the 888. Being the gear nut that I am adopted the Scorpio mixer to replace my 688. The 8-Series line of mixers is all new…Built from the ground up line of products. They might look like their predecessor 6-series more »

Far Cry 5 Commercial Wins Gold at Promaxgames

Nomadic Agency – Far Cry 5 National TV commercial won Gold at the Promax Games Awards for the “Best TV or Theatrical AD”. What a great compliment to all of the work that went into the making of this commercial. I was just a small part of that doing the on-set dialog and sound recording. more »

Matt Radlauer - Sound Mixer in Arizona

SRP – Electric Technology Rebates Commercial

Matt Radlauer Production Sound Mixer 623-521-3620 mradlauer@gmail.com

The Journey

The Journey is was a project put together by some very good friends of mine and was the kick off project for their new production company Vision5 Inc.  I had the honor of recording the great trumpet player,  Jesse McGuire. This was shot on the Arri Alexa LF camera. The Journey from Ryan Dent on more »

Re-Loaded Sound Devices 633

Re-loaded my #SoundDevices 633 kit! 6 channels of #Lectrosonics SRc. #zaxcom trx900 Camera Link. Powered by #AudioRoot distribution.  #clearcutaudio is ready to roll for all of your production sound needs!

Jason Mraz – Live Real Change Show 2013

Found this project I worked on back in 2013 for the Live Real Change Show. Aired in April of 2013. I recorded this with Neuman U87’s in a spaced pair  thru my #SoundDevices mixer. #Arizona, #clearcutaudio, #MattRadlauer, #ProductionSoundMixer, #setlife, #SoundDevices Matt Radlauer Production Sound Mixer 623-521-3620 mradlauer@gmail.com